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Supply Chain Day

Supply Chain Day

Registrations are currently closed, if you still want to register (incase of deregistrations of other participants) send a message to: or +31615196235

Get familiar with the biggest Supply Chain Companies
in the Netherlands!

On November 21, the biggest Supply Chain Event of
Tilburg will take place again, and you can be part of it!

The day consist of two parts: a morning program and
an afternoon program where at both programs you will
have a case by a big Supply Chain Company and
thereafter a lunch/diner with another company. So in
total two cases and a lunch and a diner! And this all for
the total of 3 euro’s for Asset members and 5 euro’s for
non-Asset members!

Companies participating in the morning: DHL, GXO, RIjkswaterstaat (NL)
Companies participating in the afternoon: Jumbo (NL), ASML, Slimstock

You can click on the company names to find our more
about each one of them.

Don’t hesitate and subscribe to hopefully find your
dream job!

You can also find more information at our website