Certificate of Excellence

During the academic year, students of the master Supply Chain Management have the opportunity to earn a certificate of extracurricular excellence signed by the Academic Director, Wendy van der Valk. The certificate of extracurricular excellence is an excellent way to acquire formal accreditation for extracurricular activities. Throughout the year, all students have multiple opportunities to enough points in order to obtain this certificate.

At the beginning of the academic year, a student should indicate via mail whether he/she is interested in obtaining the certificate. All students that apply for the certificate will receive an e-mail with more information about the structure. The progress of the certificate of excellence will only be updated for these students. Students thus cannot join the program at a later stage of the master program. Participating students will be able to follow their own progress via Blackboard. A students can earn one of two certificates:

Certificate of extracurricular activities: earn 15 points or more*

Certificate of extracurricular excellence: earn 20 points or more*

*In order to obtain the certificate, students should participate in at least 2 of the following 3 activities: Supply Chain Days, Supply Chain Battle, and EBT.

Disclaimer: some events will be for Dutch students only, please keep this in mind if you are an international student. However, there are enough possibilities to obtain the certificate if you don’t speak Dutch.

 Participation in  Points  Explanation  Link
 Supply Chain Days  2 per   day
 Supply Chain Battle  2    Link
 Asset Inhouse Day  2    Link
 Business Café  1    Link
 Economic Business week   Tilburg (EBT)  2+2  2 for any participation, +2 point if students if student participates in an event based on CV-selection.The points will only be   awarded if the activity takes place between April 3 and April 20  Link
 Trainings  1  Applicable for Supply Chain related trainings given by both the University and Asset. All participants will receive an email if a   training will count for the certificate  
 Lean SixSigma training  3  Is awarded with extra points due to the fact that a participation fee is required. Furthermore, the training consists of 6 training   moments and an exam  Link
 Kick-off session  1  1 point if the student signed up for the pubquiz  
 Seat in the sounding board  2    
 Seat in the education   committee  4  2 for the education committee, 2 extra points as a seat in the education committee automatically entails the student has a   seat in the sounding board  
 Student Ambassador  1    
 Active membership at study   association Asset  6  Entails a commitment for an entire year (workload differs)  Link