Logistiek Midden-Brabant

Logistiek Midden-Brabant

“Logistiek Midden-Brabant” wants to actively unite, expand and innovate. It is the main logistics platform, where businesses, educational institutions and public authorities work together proactively on subjects related to Human Capital, Innovation and Image.

The board of “Logistiek Midden-Brabant” consists of businessmen. The implementation of ideas and initiatives is carried out by work groups, in which businessmen and representatives of educational institutions and public authorities cooperate and achieve concrete results.

The House of Logistics is the meeting place for all stakeholders in the logistics arena. The place where ideas surface, cooperation is initiated and ambitions are fulfilled.  It hosts companies from many disciplines, such as innovation, IT, administration, education and HR.

The House also has a practical training centre and theory rooms for logistics training. Seminars, conferences, lectures and workshops are organised on a regular basis. The professional conference facilities and informal lounge bar are also available for your meetings.The LMB also has a second site, an in-house training centre at DMG in Waalwijk.


“Midden-Brabant” is a region that brings together the best location criteria for logistical activities and therefore has an important added value. “Logistiek Midden-Brabant” even goes one step further by actively connecting businessses, education and public authorities. “Midden-Brabant” has created a unique and dynamic logistics climate in which decisiveness is central.


Location Headquarters in The Netherlands: