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Bain & Company is a global top-3 strategy consulting firm with a passion for achieving measurable results. We help CEOs and top managers make decisions on complex strategic issues. We develop concrete solutions with direct impact on the value of the company. Our clients don’t ask for advice, they want to achieve results. We are informal, direct and honest with  our clients and amongst each other. Our culture is characterized by pragmatism and entrepreneurship. Bain consultants are energetic and like to go an extra mile to get things done, both at work and beyond. We offer unparalleled opportunities for learning and self-development.

Training & Development
Bain offers an individually tailored career path. In the first weeks as an Associate Consultant, you will be in the United States for a two-week training program. Together with other starters, you will learn specific Bain tools. Following the training you will start on a real case, experience daily interaction with peers and receive feedback on a regular basis. Throughout your career Bain will offer you international training programs, in which you are challenged to develop your personal preferences. We offer unparalleled opportunities to learn and develop yourself. Intensive coaching and the best training programs in our industry will help you to achieve your goals. After a certain amount of time you have the choice to go for an MBA or externship.

Who are we looking for?
Working for Bain requires strong analytical and interpersonal skills. Bain consultants are trained to be strategy specialists, and remain pure generalists regarding industry. Specific business experience is not necessary when you start your career at Bain.

Orientation possibilities
Bain offers several opportunities to get to know strategy consultancy and our employees. During our business courses (Bain Leadership Days, Bain Srategy Academy and Bain Strategy Challenge), you will intensively learn how to resolve a case together with a team and afterwards present your result to the client. In addition to our business courses, we organize many campus events along with study and student associations. Besides, we offer a 10-week internship program throughout the year, in which you will experience what it is like to work as a consultant in a real Bain team.


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