Business Economics

Asset | Business Economics is a collaboration between four of the seven departments study association Asset holds. This cluster of departments has been established in order to fulfill the changing needs of students. The study Business Economics has various fields that can appeal to students, therefore it would fit most departments Asset has. In order to make it easier for students to know which department to turn to, Asset | Business Economics functions as the overarching organ for the study Business Economics.

The four departments in this cluster are:





Asset | Accounting and Finance (A&F), which is the financial study association for students with an interest in accounting, controlling, finance and investment theory.


Asset | Marketing, which is the study association for students with an interest in marketing.


Asset | SBIT, which is the study association for students with an interest in Business and IT and have an interest for the study field of Information Management.                                         


Asset Strategy and Logistics (S&L), which is the study association for students with an interest in strategic management and supply chain management.

Asset | Business Economics organizes formal and informal activities in order to bring you together and to introduce you to the business world. Besides that, the different activities that are organized help you make a well overthought decision about your minor and your master.


Business Economics - Events

At the moment Asset | Business Economics is organizing a City Tour to Amsterdam to show you the practical side of the theory learned at University.
Furthermore, close contact has been established between the university and this cluster of departments in order to keep up with the needs of students and find the best fit for all parties involved.

Business Economics - Contact

If you have any questions, remarks or want to get to know the cluster or departments better, please do not hesitate to contact Asset | Business Economics by sending an email to: or by visiting our rooms at the first floor of the Esplanade Building!
You can find:

  Asset | Accounting & Finance at room 1.06
  Asset | Marketing at room 1.02
  Asset | SBIT at room 1.16
  Asset | Strategy & Logistics at room 1.19