Board Application

Do you want a break from studying, enjoy another year of student life and spend a year developing and challenging yourself? Apply for a board year at Asset | Strategy & Logistics!

So why would you apply for a board year? Not only are you meeting companies and putting your skills into practice, but you will still remain a part of the student life with a lot of parties held by your own association as well as others. Work in a team of students for a whole year and organize formal business events as well as informal activities.



Asset | Strategy & Logistics is looking for new board members! We would like to invite everyone interested in doing a board year to apply now! For the upcoming year you can apply for the following positions:
- Chairman
- Vice-Chairman
- Secretary
- Treasurer
- External Affairs Officer

Apply Now!

More information on these functions can be found on the right side of this website. Within all functions you will also be coordinator of one or more committees. If you have any questions about a board year or a specific function, you can always contact us to plan an individual meeting with a board member. All board functions are full-time functions for which you will receive a board grant.

You can apply by sending an email to The deadline for application is May 12, 2017. Subsequently, interviews will be held with all applicants. Your application should contain your motivation letter and Curriculum Vitae.

We hope to see you next year as one of the board members of Asset | Strategy & Logistics!